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Enjoy the best Mexican Food at These Local Spots

Is Taco Tuesday your favorite day of the week? Do you crave some spicy food more often than not? Us too. When it comes to Mexican food, it’s all about the authenticity and there’s plenty of local spots we love to frequent. Here are some of our top recommendations for the eateries we love to indulge at.


Esperanza’s Restaurant & Bakery

Tasting the authenticity of Mexico is important when trying a new Mexican place and Esperanza’s Restaurant & Bakery supplies the best of it. Following in tradition, they serve up everything from breakfast chilaquiles to satisfying flautas. Not to mention, their Mexican sweet breads and flan are beyond fantastic. Top off your experience with one of their House Margaritas (peach is perfection) and see for yourself what makes this spot so killer.


Wild Salsa

Over 100 tequila? Count us in. Now that we have your attention, here’s what else makes Wild Salsa one of our top spots for Mexican eats. Their menu is filled with Mexico City style dishes that will bring many people back to a time and place they love and show some others what the cuisine is all about. Whether you order a range of street tacos or a plate of sizzling fajitas, you’re guaranteed to fall in love. Plus, their Avocado Margarita tastes as interesting as it sounds and is a must-try.


Mexican Inn Cafe

Mexican Inn Cafe has been serving up some amazing Mexican cuisine for over 80 years and they’ve only become more beloved since their start. Their Tex-Mex menu is comprised of incredible dishes like their Queso Loco and Brisket Enchiladas that we can’t get enough of. Along with food we crave, their story keeps us coming back for more and loving this local business.

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