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Refresh Your Elan District Home for the New Year

2019 is in full swing and we’re feeling a cleaning session coming on. Whether sprucing up your space was a New Year’s Resolution of yours or not, it never hurts to refresh and recharge. Here’s a few easy ways you can get a head start on your Spring cleaning and feel brand new at Elan River District.


Change your bedding:

More often than not, winter bedding tends to be heavier and darker colored to fit the season. As the weather warms up, swapping out your bedding for something lighter and brighter is a simple thing you can do to make things feel fresh and look infinitely cleaner. Pick a fun, floral pattern or a crisp color to bring light back into your space and give your room the Spring pick-me-up it needs.


Rearrange your furniture:

Sometimes our spaces can feel stagnant when left in a certain configuration for too long. Something as simple as a couch rotation can make your living room feel like a new area and let you love your home once again. Swap your chairs around, put your TV on the other side and maybe turn your coffee table a few degrees. Plus, vacuuming as you move pieces around makes it so much easier. We promise you’ll feel brand new.


Update your color scheme: 

Have red as the current pop of color in your abode? Try switching it up and adding something new to your style. For example, the color blue can promote relaxation and helps spaces feel more serene. Swap out your rugs, accent pillows and décor all over your apartment for that calming, clean effect and let your inner interior designer loose. Time to make your space your personal oasis.

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